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spam July 2, 2015

Kicking Google Analytics Spam to the Curb

Spam sucks. It sucks in your inbox. It sucks on Twitter and Facebook. It sucks as a canned meat (Ok, it’s really not that bad). But it especially sucks in Google Analytics. Google Analytics (GA) is foundational for any website and the data gleaned for UX, SEO and a lot of other things is extraordinarily […]

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July 22, 2014

Getting To Know Technical SEO

In a bygone era (mid-1990s) SEO fell into the realm of developers, webmasters and velociraptors.

All you really needed to do was submit your site for indexing, add the keyword meta tag, tweak HTML and let the spider do the rest of the work.

As search algorithms got better, these technical moves became obsolete and other, more relevant methods adopted for better search results.

Fast forward to today where SEO requires strategy, technical expertise, content skills and PR chops.

Speaking of technical expertise, there are still a number of technical factors that can deep six a site and keep pages from ranking.

Usually, technical factors can be fixed relatively quickly and can turn a site’s visibility around. Also, in my mind, technical factors are things that involve programatic knowledge and not things that are content related (potato patato).

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July 14, 2014

The SEO Intersect

As I sit at MozCon, I’m reminded of how important SEO is to the overall digital, inbound process. Today, SEO is less of a stand-alone, highly technical activity as it was a few years ago. With the interconnectedness of most digital activities, a discipline like SEO doesn’t exist in a bubble, rather exists in every part of the process. Social interactions, helpful content, site layouts and search visibility all help the bigger conversion picture. The question is “How do you manage the intersection of the disciplines?”

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keyword themes January 29, 2014

Working With Keyword Themes

Time was picking keywords for SEO was a fairly straightforward task. You’d identify what you did, you’d figure out what terms searchers used to find your service, then you’d pepper those terms throughout your site. Times they are a changin’.

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January 24, 2013

Wistia’s Content Marketing Play

Wistia, a video hosting service for business, has just launched their Wistia Learning site. It’s a great example of knowing their target buyer and creating the content that speaks to that audience. Their topics and use of the medium they host is a great example of content marketing.

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