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About Harbinger Labs

Don't go around saying the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first. - Mark Twain

How this whole mess got started

Way back in 2012, I (Travis) started Harbinger Labs after a successful stint leading marketing for a couple of software companies. I wanted to give software companies a different agency experience, one empathetic to their challenges and one rooted in results. Since launching Harbinger Labs, I believe we've done just that; offering practical advice and implementing sustainable lead generation activities.

Since we launched Harbinger Labs, we've had the pleasure of helping software companies from Boston to San Diego re-imagine their brands, reach customers online and become beacons in a sea of competitors.

What we believe

  • Stay agile & adaptable
  • Be a trusted resource
  • Never be too busy to have a beer with a customer
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travis arnold

Travis Arnold

I'm a runner, skier, biker, hiker and generally outdoor type of dude who appreciates a good taco.



Piper is an all around squirrel chasin', bird watchin', lake jumpin' kind of dog who loves being outside as much as her owner.

kate allen

Kate Allen

Kate pitches in on content and copy, and is a mother of two children and two dogs. She's got her hands full.



If you'd like to work with Harbinger Labs in the Design, SEO, PPC or Content department, please email your resume to

Charities We Care About

big city mountaineers
world wildlife fund
world bicycle relief

frequently asked questions

Do you only work with customers in St. Louis?
No. We work with companies no matter where they be. Currently we have customers on both coasts and placed in between.
What are your typical engagements?
That can vary by the type of engagement we have with a client. For SEO and PPC, we require a minimum 4 month commitment. This is because those types of campaigns take time to bake, especially SEO. For web design and strategic planning and technology consulting, we bundle those at a project level.
Will you work with a non-software company?
Yes, in the right circumstances. We have worked with professional service companies, B2C online retailers and large brands when it makes sense.
How many people work at Harbinger Labs?
A better question is how many people work with Harbinger Labs. Full time, each and everyday it's Travis. Kate assists with content development and planning when necessary and we work with a trusted group of contractors on a per engagement basis. With us, you're not paying for our overhead, you're paying for quality work.