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Introducing the New Bullhorn.com

At the end of August we started on a new project….rewind

In mid-August the team at Bullhorn reached out to rebuild their website. Their website was built on Drupal, had multiple language sites and consisted of nearly 130 core pages excluding blog posts. Oh, and the timeline was about 6 weeks!

play…So, at the end of August we began the project. As with any project, our first step was to deep dive into the industry, understand their audience and product offerings and layout the information architecture the site would rest upon. Lucky for us the recruiting software industry is one we know very well so our learning curve was fairly short.

Our goals were to bring a consistent design throughout the site, optimize conversion, bring it to WordPress, go mobile and make it easy for top and mid-funnel visitors to find and consume information.

The result is what you’ll find below. For a real-live view, take a look at www.bullhorn.com.

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